A purpose driven company. 

Our mission is to be a catalyst for human progress by protecting families, communities and the planet for the next 7 generations.


Progress meets Profits.

Bluestone Life was founded to make a material, positive impact in a long term sustainable manner.

We believe caring for the earth is critical to protecting our loved ones for the next 7 generations, so we'll do our part to save the planet, while helping you optimize your money and health. Our customers, communities and the earth are just as important as our profits.



Integrated systems support dramatic change:

To foster our collective prosperity, we will focus on 5 catalysts that are critical to building a better world.

  • Money

  • Family

  • Health

  • Community

  • Planet



One can not thrive without the other and, together, their impact is substantial. It's not just sustainability, it's prosperity for all.


Would you like to protect your family and the planet with life insurance?

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